5 Tips to Help You Spiritually Detox!

Welcome to an AMAZING Spiritual Journey! I put together this quick audio session with my TOP 5 Value-added tips for starting to Spiritually Detox! Enjoy and I look forward to helping you "Leap" or "Launch"

Beauty & The Bible exists for One Reason:

To Help Women Spiritually Transform from the INSIDE Out! 

The 3 Areas I Primarily Help Women Include:

  • Spiritual Clarity - This module focuses on INTROSPECTIVE work & is the foundation for the journey
  • Spiritual Growth - This module teaches women how to track & MEASURE their growth over 90 Days
  • Spiritual Leadership - This module helps women enter church leadership or LAUNCH their platform

The hardest part of achieving a goal you set out to accomplish is more simple that you think: just get started”

Are You a Leaper or Launcher?

If you are primarily wanting to achieve Spiritual Clarity & Measurable Growth, then you are a LEAPER!

If you are wanting to achieve Spiritual Clarity, Growth AND Leadership, then you are a LAUNCHER! 

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The Spiritual Detox Workshop

If you are like me and have to have a LIVE experience in order to really have a PERMANENT impact then I want to personally invite you to my next 2-Day Spiritual Detox Workshop! You will get to learn from Stephanie, our Founder, in a RAW & UNCUT way. It is a LIFE-CHANGING experience that is guaranteed to catapult you into a true journey of #Transformation.

The Next Workshop will be in July 2019!

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Meet Our Founder

Stephanie Wilson

Beauty & The Bible began as a small online bible study back in 2016 after I surrendered to The Lord. You see, I had just decided to step down from being a FREE Car Driving, Mary Kay Sales Director after wrestling with God about it for months! Ha! As if I could really win an argument with God. The truth is I was under the worst leadership possible while I was a Mary Kay Sales Director. She was unethical and simply did not match my Christian values. So I asked The Lord for deliverance. I had NO IDEA my deliverance would include me completely walking away from the income source that had carried my kids and me during a horrible lay off back in 2015. How was I ever going to give it up? Well if you know anything about God then you know He ALWAYS wins!

After I surrendered my heart to what He was asking me to do, Beauty & The Bible was birthed! A simple weekly Bible Study has now turned into a full fledged ministry! We officially launched the brand in March 2017 at my birthday party and it was SUCH a blessing! We offer products, programs, and events that reach women from around the country and we are so proud of our growth! If you feel as though God is calling you to “something more” or you know you need to make some changes in your life spiritually, I personally invite you to browse our website and grab your Spiritual Growth Strategy Below! 

I look forward to helping you become all that God is calling you to be!

xoxo - Stephanie

Get Your Spiritual
Growth Strategy

One of the things I have learned on my own Spiritual Transformation journey is:

I can't stress this enough. What works for you will NOT work for your friend or family member. While you need support on your journey you have to come to grips with this being a SOLO walk. Your only companion will be God. 

If you are SERIOUS about getting to another level spiritually then I encourage you to get your own personal growth strategy. I have developed a CUSTOM questionnaire that will help me create a growth plan for you based on your own personal goals and needs. Look at all that is included: 

  • Detailed Pre-Work Questionnaire
  • LIVE Video Session (Recorded)
  • Custom Growth Strategy Emailed
  • Focused & Individualized Content
  • Content to cover 8 Weeks
  • A Measurable Tool That You Own

What Others Say


Where do I start? The Spiritual Detox Program absolutely changed my life! It is a lot of hard work but I am so thankful that I did it! My transformation journey started right here with this great program!

Yvonne Wright Pastor's Wife


Stephanie's programs are 100% hard work! When I first started I wasn't sure what to expect. But I kept working through the Detox Journal & Workbook and I ca proudly say...I am a changed woman :)

Lisa McQueen Chiropractor


If you are looking for a program that will challenge you and change you...then you have found the right one! If you commit, like I did, the woman you will become will absolutely be worth it! And you will be so happy you did it!

Alecia Moore / CNA

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